It is very important to have a right network, which leads to having right connections. You can only influence if you are being an inspiration for someone. So, it is very important to be in that league where you are very strong as a brand, company or as a product. To influence someone, you have to be strong enough and be present there always. Having a large social influence shows that you as a brand is being trusted a lot by the consumers. Trust is a very important factor here. It can only be build if you start offering solutions that are relevant to the customers.


1. Building more and more connections: Try and build connections with those who are able to influence others. Connect with other brands, so that you get to know what their plans are and you know what your competitor is doing.

2. Be a leader: Social media is a platform which will offer you numerous opportunities which mean that it can act as a very strong influencer.  Being a leader is not easy; it comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is your duty to develop trust in the minds of the consumers by doing such acts which are of some use to the consumers.

3. Online and offline: Both the medium are very important. It does not look good if you are saying something online and doing something different. It has to be always in tandem and do not forget that the target group is present on both the medium, so using both of the effectively is very important.



4. Likeminded people together: This can happen by building a community which thinks on the same line. A person who is experiencing something that your brand has to offer is a very good platform to act as an influencer. You will also see that those people are discussing the same issue and you can intervene whenever you want. You will also find some new entrants who are also trying to figure out the solution to the given problem. All this happens if there is a community.

5. Listen. Listen. Listen: You have to be active enough to listen to what your fans and customers are saying. Paying close attention to them is very important. Now –a –days, you can monitor your social media sites in such a way that it will help you understand which customer is interested and which one is not.

6. Engagement with the audience: This is very important. Whenever you feel that you can start a conversation or be a part of the conversation, then try and do that and make that conversation very interactive in nature. You have to be a resource of the solutions where customers will come with their problems.



7. Results: Measuring the results is as important as influencing. You will not be able to understand whether you are going in the right direction or not. Data is very important here. All the results and all that one does to market the brand or the company has to be data driven to get a clear idea about the same.

Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

Keeping the perfect harmony between the technical and business aspects of the product is where Abhishek finds his peace. As one of the developers who built ThoughtBuzz from the ground-up he knows the product inside out and constantly thinks of ways to make ThoughtBuzz more valuable everyday to the end-users. On a usual day you would find him in meetings, giving product demos and coding. He plans to start an exercise routine for himself one day (though he knows it will never happen) and loves to spend time with his family/friends.

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