Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Data driven marketing for forward thinking organizations

Listen, Schedule, Publish, Engage, Measure

Right Content is the fuel for social media marketing and publishing at right time on right channels to the right audience helps in better mileage

With social media marketing campaigns, content optimization plays an equal important role. However, manually identifying the optimization parameters is a daunting task!

Improve your social marketing operations with ThoughtBuzz!

LISTEN to your customers, competitors, industry, social trends, detractors, advocates, influencers to create or curate content at the right moment!
Identify the time when your fans are most active to help identify the best times to post!

Use seamless PUBLISH & SCHEDULE capabilities across your social profiles

A good campaign doesn’t stop with one-way communication. ENGAGE your campaign users with responding to contest participants, appreciative comments in real-time through Unified Inbox or Widget based social feeds!

MEASURE the performance of posts across channels with details around engagement, reach and click through rates!