Social Customer Management

A single Social Customer Management solution for organizations to manage a customer through the lifecycle

Listen, Schedule, Publish, Engage, Measure

Use any jargon to serve your customers, it’s the attitude that matter.

A connected customer actively or passively is attached to your organization 24*7. It is up to the organization how effectively they can manage the social relationships!

ThoughtBuzz’s Social Customer Management platform makes it easier for you!

Acquire new customers by managing and optimizing your content, publishing time. Learn how the ThoughtBuzz Social Customer Management platform can be used as a Social Media Marketing solution.

Grow your existing customers by proactively identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Learn how ThoughtBuzz platform can be used as a robust Social Selling.

RETAIN your customers by delivering effective customer service in real-time. A delayed response can cause customer to shift to competiton! Know more about using ThoughtBuzz as a Social Customer Service solution.