Today social media is turning customer service on its head. It has completely reshaped the where, how and to which people look for help. Social media also provides a gamut of opportunities to organizations that want to emerge victorious in business.

*Shortest Response Time: 53% of people who engage with a brand on Twitter expect a response in an hour or less.Most of the customer service issues that have blown up on Twitter and Facebook are the result of companies taking too long to respond. Twitter and Facebook are a near real-time medium and hence, customers expect a prompt response from the brand.

Imagine all these communications on your social media page as a social phone that is ringing. Someone needs to pick up before they ring off and go elsewhere. Time is of the essence!

*Personalized Responses: In today’s scenario, many brands would prefer an automated bot response for their social handles to human staffing. This comes with a high risk to the online reputation of the brand. This also defeats the sole purpose of social media, which is to engage with your customers at a personal level. Drafting and posting personalized responses instills a feeling of trust within your followers and this automatically humanizes your brand.

*Always Respond: The worst response to an already upset customer is “silence”. Do not be afraid of negative feedback as it is always a great opportunity to improve. Responding with an apology and an offer of a refund/exchange can considerably increase the customer’s intent to purchase and at the same time, improve the product sentiment.

*Use The Feedback: Your customers on social media are your biggest source of feedback. They are continuously posting complaints, queries and suggestions for improvement on your social handles. Use them! Such feedback help you understand what they need and you can use this insight to improve your product/service. By doing this, you are not only churning loyal customers but also turning them into your brand advocates and you are doing this while spending less on service & support.

Social Conversations are Public, often permanent, and can easily go viral. The key is to respond and resolve the queries/complaints on Social before they go viral.



Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

Keeping the perfect harmony between the technical and business aspects of the product is where Abhishek finds his peace. As one of the developers who built ThoughtBuzz from the ground-up he knows the product inside out and constantly thinks of ways to make ThoughtBuzz more valuable everyday to the end-users. On a usual day you would find him in meetings, giving product demos and coding. He plans to start an exercise routine for himself one day (though he knows it will never happen) and loves to spend time with his family/friends.

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