I recently hired a taxi through a mobile app and when I reached the destination, I realized that I had dropped my smart phone in the taxi. When my efforts to contact the taxi driver proved unfruitful, I posted the entire narrative on the taxi aggregator’s Facebook page.

It worked!! I received a call from the driver himself and not only did I get back my phone, I was glad that the time saved from the hassles of buying and configuring a new phone could be used to engage myself in some productive work.

The episode points to a very important question – who emerged as the biggest gainer from the charade? I truly believe it’s the taxi aggregator company. Not only did they win my heart thereby earning themselves a loyal customer, they also managed to earn kudos from all those who followed the post and possibly earned a few more loyal customers.


A Strong Customer Support Mechanism
The prevailing truth in today’s time is that to earn a stellar reputation among the customers, it is not merely enough for a company to devise a quality product; they are also required to use a healthy customer support system.

The days of rendering customer support via telephone are long gone, since automated menus only work as a means of blustering customers and force them to deviate towards a similar product by a competitor.

Increased Preference For Social Media
In a social media survey carried out by Neilson-McKinsey, 30 percent of the respondents preferred social media channels against the telephone to interact with a company. Customers are also finding that seeking redressal of the impending issues via E-Mails has never managed to garner the enthusiasm of the customers.

Companies have now established themselves on various social media forums since they have risen to the fact that people find social media an interactive and engaging medium. It is apparent that people want a forum where they can communicate their immediate needs.

High Usage Of Social Media
Moreover, people use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram from their phones at all times. They can therefore pose their immediate requirements or reciprocate their feelings instantly through the social media.

Companies have realized that their presence on the social media forums can help them win greater loyalty from the existing customers, and are also bound to witness a large influx of new customers.

Easy To Monitor Responses
With the aid of the social media, the company is now able to monitor the customer response to the newly launched product. The social media page also provides a direct communication channel both for the company as well as the customers. While the customers can post their feedback on the latest product via Facebook or Twitter, the company can utilize the social media websites to announce new events and products.

Companies have also been making use of the social media as vital tools of corporate communication. The taxi aggregator company actually lost an opportunity to showcase this in the media and garner a PR victory. I have witnessed several companies highlighting their slice of victory achieved on their social media platform in newspapers and periodicals to accede further momentum to their reputation.

Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

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