Social Media Metrics – equally relevant for personal branding?

The trend to build one’s personal brand has been fast catching up. If people are sharing something on their profile, somewhere down within they want that comment/post to go viral among their network. Taking cues from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I believe probably yearning of love/belonging and esteem has what has been leveraged by various social media channels to the tee! And perhaps that is also a reason, few organizations have been built in the last decade that will give us some scores on our influence and reach. Their growth validates the fact that how we as an individual also love the jargon of social media metrics! It is not just business only!

Why do you need Social Media Analytics for Business?

Social Media Analytics has become an increasingly important topic as the various social media platforms that consumers use to communicate with brands expand. Social Media, together with the usability of mobile devices and the widespread availability of mobile internet, has given voice to the consumers to not only communicate their grievances to the businesses and brands but also share their experiences and expectations from both new and existing products. It is therefore, important that businesses and brands closely listen to their customers and respond to their needs and desires on social media.

Guest Post – Getting the Most Out of Analytics Dashboards

The internet and social media is buzzing nowadays with words such as Big Data, Analytics, Visualization, and Dashboards. Although, these concepts are exciting there are very few clients / companies who are able to effectively make use of this data in a productive way to drive business outcomes. However, the challenge in my view isn’t the availability of data or technology to mine and visualize this data but is the inability to use these to drive business outcomes.

SME Social Media adoption in India

The massive growth in the adoption of smartphones coupled with the update of mobile internet has led to a revolution in the growth of social media in India. Smartphone sales have been growing in excess of 100% over the last 2 years and this growth rate is expected to continue in the near future. However, to unleash the real power of smartphones, it is important that they are connected to internet. The telcos in the country have been working very hard on this opportunity to create compelling mobile internet packages for the people.

Hello world & Welcome to ThoughtBuzz

There are many blogs out there such as HubSpot, Brian Solis, Buffer & Kissmetrics, just to name a few which share stellar content. Our aim is to not build another platform for sharing links but to actually share what we learn about social media in Asia & China. This is our home for sharing our knowledge, experiences and fun stuff out there. Let us know in the comments what would you like to read and know about.

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