Core Platform

Social Media Management

Managing & Publishing on your social profiles has never been this easy

  • Feeds From Multiple Social Profiles

    Create custom feeds from multiple social profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. View in a single dashboard all the important chatter!

  • Publishing & Scheduling

    One-click publish & scheduling mechanism to save hassles in posting to multiple social networks! Schedule posts localized to various time zones!

  • Content Drafts

    Save multiple drafts of content in order to post the perfect one!

  • Notifications Workspace

    View actionable/non-actionable notifications in real-time to help you get on the job quickly. Don’t just read but act!

Social Customer Engagement

Designed to help you deliver impactful social customer service

  • Social Inbox

    A Single Stream Of Conversations From Various Social Channels To Provide A Customer Centric View Of All Related Messages. Engage In An Informed Manner!

  • Unified Customer Profile

    Import Your Active Social Followers And Fans In Real-time. Capture Key Information About Your Customers To
    Build A Unified Profile

  • Response Templates

    Improve Your Response Time On Social Using Response Templates

  • Conversation History

    Get Complete Interaction History In A Single Window To Deliver A Smart Contextual Response Each Time

  • Case Management

    Maintain Complete Case Lifecycle To Ensure Every Case Is Handled Well And Resolved

  • Prioritization

    Prioritize The Conversations That Needs Immediate Attention. Use Various Parameters To Define Priority Rules

  • Tagging

    Easy On-the-fly Tagging Mechanism

Social Listening

Monitor the relevant conversations to make better business decisions

  • Millions Of Sources

    We sniff out data from millions of sources including blogs, forums, social networks, rss feeds, news and custom URLs – to ensure no relevant data is missed from your eyes

  • Keyword Grouping

    Build queries using combination of keywords to help filter out the right conversations

  • Hashtag Tracking

    Track Twitter and Instagram hashtags on your fingertips

  • Competitive Benchmarking

    Track your industry and competitor keywords to keep you ahead in the market

  • Categorization/buckets

    Configurable & actionable categories to help you create issues, crisis and sales leads in real-time

  • Unified Social Trends

    Listen to social trends from Twitter, Instagram and You Tube in real-time to create content on the fly


Helping create accountable collaboration

  • Context Passing

    Work with collaborators with complete transparency. Get instant alerts when they respond back

  • Expert Recommendation

    Tag based recommendation system to help you quick collaborate with the right person

Social Analytics

Holistic social insights to help you make informed decisions

  • Social Account Insights (Cross-platform)

    View In-depth Insights On User Activities – Likes, Comments, Shares As Well As Engagement And Reach Of Your Posts Across Different Social Accounts

  • Social Customer Insights

    View Customer Insights Such As Count Of Social Activities They Have Done On Your Social Profiles

  • Conversation Insights

    View Insights Around Sentiment, Source, Keywords To Understand The Voice Of Customer

  • Team Insights

    Go In-depth To Measure Your Agent Performance On Various Slas Of Social Engagement

  • Influencer Insights

    Know Key Social Influencers Based On Their Activities

  • Competition Intelligence

    Compare Your Brand With Competitors On Social Authority, Buzz Volume, Sentiment To Remain At Top Of Your Game


Strong process workflows for better control of social media programs

  • Approval Workflows

    Help you control the content that goes out on social media

  • SLA Administration

    Configure desired response, closure and collaboration time to help you check your team performance on social media

  • Roles & Permissions

    Granular roles & permissions ensure to give right type of access

  • Audit Trails

    Detailed audit logs of every interaction with the system to help you protect your brand from any mishandling

  • Configurable Alerts & Notifications

    Create system alerts that matters to you