Companies across the globe, irrespective of size or the scale of their operations, and no matter if they are a billion dollar corporation or a low key start-up almost always come forward with a social media page in the wake of a new product or service launch. In the process, they also spend a significant amount of money by engaging a social media professional for the development of a Facebook page or a Twitter handle

The companies are not entirely in the wrong path in the process of establishing their presence on the social media.  A leading online social media observer, in its study in 2014, had stated that there has been an estimated 175 times enhancement in the number of people reaching out to companies through social media websites since 2013.

Companies, however, may still not hit the mark in their otherwise sincere efforts towards undermining customer sentiment through social media owing to the multiple channels of online media where people can exchange chatter and share their opinion about its product or service, and it is simply impossible to physically track of all such activity.

Usage of Social Media Analytics Tool

Enterprises can deploy a quality social media analytics tool so that public views, sentiments and comments shared on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube can be gauged on a single platform. A social media analytics tool is a viable and an affordable option for the companies to mirror public sentiment without denting the resources of the company. The tool will be a valuable asset for the company in the real time interpretations of the opinions, positive and negative comments shared by the customers. The opinions so shared by the audience will be of valuable assistance to the companies to formulate a strategy to counter the negative opinion and enhance a favourable sentiment.

Undermine Customer Sentiment

Companies may employ social analytics tools to determine customer sentiments and opinions, but they also need a tool that solicits appropriate responses to the queries directed at the company. This indicates the need for a social customer service tool that will render automated responses to the queries raised by the enterprise.

Forrester Research, an independent market research company has deduced that after the implementation of the social customer response tool, twenty six percent of the companies reported enhanced customer satisfaction and twenty six percent of the companies experienced twenty six percent customer loyalty.

In order to garner utmost advantage on the social media front, the best step forward for the companies is to employ a tool that can manage the social analytics as well customer service.


  • Supervision – One prime advantage of a social media tool is the ability to launch a search on the premise of keywords. The tools can also be fed with a databank of messages so that the tool can seek similar messages over the internet.
  • Single Channel Response System – Another advantage that these tools render is that they provide a unified platform where customer queries from various social media sites can be solicited and a suitable response rendered. It is remarkable that the entire process takes a few seconds.
  • Syncing with Other Response Systems – It is possible to render a common style of response like the E-Mails or chats by directing them to one team or person in customer support.
Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

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