The popularity of #hashtags and trends has made this feature a ubiquitous one for all social media channels. It is now very common practice where media houses/publishers/bloggers leverage social media trends to create relevant content around it to help them capture audience attention.

For organizations and individuals who are mainly into content creation, the trends feature is a perfect input. But, can the trends be also used by other organizations in similar manner?


The answer is YES but in similar manner, probably NO. Each organization’s marketing activities is organized based on a marketing objective. Hence, which trends can work for which organization will need to be approached in a scientific manner.

Below are series of executable steps that should work across industries to help spice up their social marketing game –

Unified trends at a single place – Though majority of trends might be common across different social media channels, still there will be bit of variability. First essential step is to ensure you have all the trends visible on a single dashboard.

Most of the trends can be customized at a region and city level as well, so it is also important for teams that are spread across the world to tailor the view based on their region.

Filter trends based on keywords – Next step should be to identify trends that are most relevant for your target audience and which could be easily associated within the brand communication as well. To give an example, a hashtag trend called ‘#SocialMedia’ could be used by most of the organizations by evangelizing on how they are using ‘Social Media’ for their marketing.

Create or Re-Use earlier content – It is not necessary to always create a new content relevant to social media trends as they are very dynamic in nature. A best practice should be to rehash your earlier content which can be closely associated with the trend and publish it again. Who knows, this time, it might go more viral!

Engage with your influencers who are making it trending – Another way to leverage trends quickly is to engage with your influencers who are talking about the trend. It might not be always about your brand but can also act as an informal banter. So, if one of your influencers are speaking at some conference where your organization is not even participating, there is no harm to provide best wishes on a public medium. The informal banter will also help project the human side of your organization!

Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

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