In today’s world, when it comes to marketing, a lot of mediums have been used as of now. But, then most common media that is being used is the social media platform. They are the weapons used for marketing today. As we can see that the whole of the world is going online, so the brands have also understood now what needs to be done to target the right audience. The social media, as a platform can be used as the right marketing strategy to target the right audience, provided the brands use the marketing strategy in the right manner. So, the question here is how to maximize the performance as a brand. Here are some of the steps that help in understanding that.

  • Make sure that your target audience is not large at early stages: If the audience is large, it becomes difficult to target the right audience. It is important as a brand to understand that you know whom you want to target. For that to happen, a very clear understanding of the market is very important. Once you know that, the brand can target the specific audience on the social media.
  • Have a goal: Like for any other thing in life, we have a goal, so here also it is very important to have a clear set of goals. The goal should be in tandem with your marketing objective to give you a much greater sense of clarity. If you have a goal, then you will be able to measure your performance and also get a thorough idea of how you have been doing as a brand.
  • It is more than just reaching the right audience: Social media, as a platform, is also responsible for building an image of a brand. Brands are not only about sharing problems, but it is also about how the customer is able to relate to that problem and how the brand will offer him the right solution. It is very important to speak to your audience directly and make sure that your brand is engaging enough.


  • Cost: Set your budget. Make sure that you pay where it is necessary. As we know that the internet is easily accessible, so it is even more important to advertise carefully so that you get a proper ROI (Return on Investment) for the amount you have spent.
  • Emotional attachment with the audience: Once you have identified the right audience for your brand, it is very important to build a social connect with them. Follow their conversations and try to know them well. This will give you a deep insight about them, as a brand and you will be able to understand their needs.
  • Focus on multiple channels: Being on one platform is not enough. It is very hard to convince a customer to buy a product. They will go and visit other platforms where they will try to know more and more about you, read the reviews, so it very important to have multiple channels.


Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

Keeping the perfect harmony between the technical and business aspects of the product is where Abhishek finds his peace. As one of the developers who built ThoughtBuzz from the ground-up he knows the product inside out and constantly thinks of ways to make ThoughtBuzz more valuable everyday to the end-users. On a usual day you would find him in meetings, giving product demos and coding. He plans to start an exercise routine for himself one day (though he knows it will never happen) and loves to spend time with his family/friends.

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