There are many blogs out there such as HubSpot, Brian Solis, Buffer & Kissmetrics, just to name a few which share stellar content. Our aim is to not build another platform for sharing links but to actually share what we learn about social media in Asia & China. This is our home for sharing our knowledge, experiences and fun stuff out there. Let us know in the comments what would you like to read and know about.

We will kick off with a guest post this week from Leon who is the Chief Business Development Officer for Techsailor, one of the group companies of TO THE NEW, our holding company. You can check Leon’s LinkedIn profile here. Let the posting begin.

CEO ThoughtBuzz

Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

Keeping the perfect harmony between the technical and business aspects of the product is where Abhishek finds his peace. As one of the developers who built ThoughtBuzz from the ground-up he knows the product inside out and constantly thinks of ways to make ThoughtBuzz more valuable everyday to the end-users. On a usual day you would find him in meetings, giving product demos and coding. He plans to start an exercise routine for himself one day (though he knows it will never happen) and loves to spend time with his family/friends.

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