China’s Internet landscape is like a secluded wonderland away from the world. There is no dominance of Facebook, Twitter, Google & etc. Yet, for every pervasive product in the world, you can find its evoluted replica in this land.

To understand Big Data in China, you must get to know BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) a little bit more. In each of their own eco-system, there are search engines, e-commerce platforms, social networks, video sharing platforms, open API and etc. At first glance, they look similar. Each of them is gathering huge number of users, content and interactions. They have all the Big Data! However, each of them has different data sources, different business models and different depths for user behavior and therefore, different applications of their Big Data.

abFrom data variety perspective, Tencent has the widest coverage, especially data of social network and games. The most essential data of social networking from two largest platforms QZone and WeChat, includes user connections & interactions, user generated content like blogs, photos and videos. For games, from the vast data collected in MMORPG, web games and mobile games, Tencent has the most important core data in gaming – gamer active behavior and payment behavior data. In short, the most outstanding uniqueness of Tencent’s big data is the structural and systematic understanding of user behavior and entertainment content in Social Networking.

Alibaba, on the other side, has the most comprehensive e-commerce data, from users’ category browsing, searching, viewing, bookmarking and most importantly, purchasing. Alibaba has a very insightful understanding of consumers ‘online shopping behavior, from searching to conversion. In Ali’s recent investment and acquisition, it is very clear that Jack Ma has also extended his insight into weibo and consumer finance.

Baidu’s data sources are mostly from search keywords and web content crawler. The best part of Baidu’s data is they can directly reflect user’s interest and demand.

indicates dominating adoption in the market.
indicates dominating adoption in the market.
Overall as we can see, with their own unique characteristics, BAT has Big Data with different value propositions and applications. At the present, Baidu and Alibaba are much more open in sharing their Big Data resources with other Big Data application builders.

Tanbao (meaning: Finding Treasure), our very own product, is one of the pioneers to tab on these resources to create the most powerful social analytics and lead generation platform in China, for both SMEs and Enterprises.

This post has been written by Rex Huang, CEO of ToTheNew China. You can know more about ToTheNew China here. You can also see Tanbao here.

Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

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