In a recent survey conducted by Gartner, 50% of the companies polled plan to increase their Digital Marketing spends in 2015. An integral part of these spends will go to the procurement or development of new-age technologies and tools to maximize the results of Digital Marketing.

Gartner has also predicted that in another 2 years, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) would outspend the Chief Information Officer (CIO) on IT. This signifies a major paradigm shift where to stay relevant and competitive in the upcoming years, CMOs must actively adopt technology to drive their Digital Marketing efforts.

In adopting technology, Forrester warns that marketers have to be mindful of “technology silos”, which makes it extremely challenging to track the ROI of Digital Marketing efforts, and the behavior of customers, across multiple digital channels.

Moving forward, we envision an integrated “Technology Engine”, which is a collection of interoperating digital tools (components) to engage and track customers from awareness to conversion.

Individual components of this “Technology Engine” would drive the various Digital Marketing initiatives, which may include web, mobile, social and advertising, whilst an underlying analytics component tracks and correlates insights and performance metrics across digital channels.

The Technology Engine should be hosted on a cloud service to ensure elastic bandwidth to cater for high traffic during campaign periods.

Implementation of a Technology Engine is challenging as it is customized across organizations and has to interoperate with existing enterprise systems and tools. However, adopting an integrated and scalable approach as such would allow CMOs to take Digital Marketing for the organization to the next level.

This post has been written by Leon CK Leong, Business Development Head, SEA, TO THE NEW DIGITAL. You can know more about them here.

Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

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