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Companies have been making incisive and inclusive use of various social media platforms and forums for better customer outreach so as to generate superior business leads. The profound and pervasive penetration of social media, it has become imperative for all startup enterprises to judiciously utilize the various multi-lateral social media forums and analytics tools.

While there are several instances wherein effective social media management stood to deliver outstanding results for companies, a definitive checklist of do’s and don’ts for the conception and execution of a tangible social media campaign is almost impossible to conceive. This is due to the fact that every product or social media page is highly dynamic and diverse.

Some very invariable practices that must be adhered to by the startups during the setting up of the social media page have been mentioned below:-

  1. Conceiving the goals before hand –It is essential to set the goals that must be accomplished before beginning the process of creating pages, handles or user accounts on the various platforms. However, it serves the best interests of the enterprise if user accounts are established on all the forums before concentrating on those social media platforms where target consumer activity is appreciable. The availability of the pre-decided social media nomenclature can be ascertained through
  2. The first few months are hard work – After the enterprise has established the social media page where it cherishes more following, it is essential that it indulges all its resources on that social media page and work towards engaging the target audience as well as make it sufficiently enticing for prospective audiences.
  3. The right platform to achieve the right goals – Each social media website or forum serves a distinct purpose and it is imperative to establish the apt social media page that can trigger better customer engagement.
  4. Distinct personal and business accounts –Posting a personal point of view on the social media page of the company can have a tumultuous impact on the business since the page is likely to have several followers. It is, therefore, pertinent to establish separate personal and business accounts so that the target audience can absorb relevant content.
  5. Prefer Social Analytics to Social Pages – Though the social media cloud is encompassing, it can also engage valuable human resources of the otherwise thinly employed enterprise. It is therefore wise to deploy the social media analytics tool that can schedule posts, render customer response and ensure the company’s round the clock presence. Another positive aspect of making use of the analytics tool is that they point out the platform on which the company has more followers so that resources can be diverted to that platform.
  6. Be involved not isolated – Companies need to be proactive and therefore, they should make use of social media forums to engage the audience by way of posing interesting questions and quizzes and quoting intelligent trivia.
  7. Spread the Message – Involving the people in a campaign over the social media can deliver the desired result. Making the people the part of a social media drive and asking them to pose pictures with the company’s products can steer more user traffic to the company’s social media page.

It is also imperative for businesses that they do not overwhelm themselves with social media usage. A vital checklist of don’ts has been listed below that the companies must adhere to:-

  • Creating multiple social media profiles.
  • Never share what you don’t want to share.
  • Never let automatic or scheduled postings overtake personal posts.
  • Do not try to be present in all the social media sites and forums.
  • Never insist your followers or contacts to share your media page. Let them do it on their own.
  • Never hide from an issue that is generating negative comments. Try and resolve the issue.
  • Never deviate from the topic that is trending at the moment.
  • Never believe in numbers since you may invite spamming.
  • Never rerun the same information over and over on your profile.
  • Avoid multi-channel sharing of the same message. Use unique messages for every social media platform.
Abhishek Tejpaul

Abhishek Tejpaul

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